Trolleybuses in Bucharest

The passengers are obliged to validate the ticket without delay when boarding the vehicle. The ticket is valid for one trip, any transfer implies a new validation. The tickets and season tickets procured from RATB distribution network will be used accordingly. Validated tickets, season tickets or nominal season tickets are not transmissible.

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The passengers must have a valid ticket (ticket, season ticket or magnetic card) before boarding.

The following categories of persons are exempted from payment:

  • children under 7 years;
  • veterans, disabled, the Heroes and the successors of the injured or dead in the Revolution of December - according to special card issued by RATB

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    Trolleybus #61

    Route: Master S.A.(5.36,22.55), Bd. Iuliu Maniu, Cotroceni, Dr. Marinescu, Eroii Sanitari, Bd. Kogalniceanu, P-ta Rosetti(4.55, 22.10)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 9/11
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 10/40

    Trolleybus #62

    Route: Lic.Ind.Transporturi(5.20,23.03), Bd. Iuliu Maniu, Cotroceni, M. Vulcanescu, Gara de Nord (4.44, 22.25)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 6/9
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 8/36

    Trolleybus #65

    Route: Dridu(4.35, 23.15), Str. Pajurei, Bd. Bucurestii Noi, Calea Grivitei, Str. Polizu, Occidentului, Sfintii Voievozi(5.06,22.36)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 6/8
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 8/22

    Trolleybus #66

    Route: Baicului(4.53, 23.27),Bd. Garii Obor, Ferdinand, Bd. Carol, Bd. Regina Elisabeta, Kogalniceanu, Calea Plevnei, Vasile Parvan(5.19,22.50)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 6/10
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 9/19

    Trolleybus #69

    Route: Valea Argesului(4.20, 22.14), Str. Sibiu, Drumul Taberei, Sos. Pandurilor, Str. Dr. Rainer, Bd. Eroilor Sanitari, bd. M. Kogalniceanu, Bd. Elisabeta, Bd. Carol I, Ferdinand,Str.Baicului(5.19,23.13)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 6/10
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 8/20

    Trolleybus #70

    Route: Bd. Basarabia(4.45, 22.32), L. Patrascanu, Baba Novac, Bd. Carol I, Universitate, Bd. Elisabeta, Calea Plevnei, Vasile Parvan(5.24,23.10)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 9/15
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 14/40

    Trolleybus #71

    Route: Valea Argesului(4.45,22.45), Drumul Taberei, Compozitorilor, Sos. Cotroceni, Mircea Vulcanescu, Gara de Nord(5.26,23.18)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 15/21
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 19/34

    Trolleybus #73

    Route: Turnu Magurele (cart. Berceni)(4.45,23.08), Bd. Alexandru Obregia, Str. Serg. Nitu Vasile, P-ta Sudului(4.30,23.20)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 7/10
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 10/14

    Trolleybus #74

    Route: Bd. Alexandru Obregia (cart. Berceni)(4.46,23.16), Str. Turnu Magurele, Str. Emil Racovita, Str. Serg. Nitu Vasile, P-ta Sudului(4.30,23.28)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 7/10
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 10/14

    Trolleybus #76

    Route: P-ta Resita (cart. Berceni)(4.16,23.30), Str. Resita, Str. Izvorul Rece, Str. Serg Nitu Vasile, Piata Sudului(4.05,23.44)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 2/3
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 4/7

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